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Newest Video from Tiffany “AnointedFire” Buckner

Newest Book from Tiffany “AnointedFire” Buckner

Tiffany Buckner released her newest book entitled, Devil Bait: High Heels & Spiritual Whorefare. In this powerful book, Ms. Buckner breaks down the power and purpose of the seductress and how the enemy uses her to capture men. Read Tiffany’s powerful testimony as she details her experiences… the very experiences that led her down a dark path.
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Featured New Author on the Scene

A new author has risen on the scene with a testimony so powerful, you can’t read it without being moved. Helen Washington endured what most people only read or hear about. She was the victim of molestation, rape, parental neglect, spousal abuse and so on. Read her powerful testimony detailing her struggle with everything from drug abuse to attempted suicide. Her story will encourage, uplift and inspire you.
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Anointed Fire Magazine is Looking for New Writers

Anointed Fire Magazine is looking to relaunch in early to mid 2017 and we are now looking for new writers. If you are interested in writing for Anointed Fire Magazine, please click the link below.
Please be advised that Anointed Fire is a Christian publication and we will not publish articles promoting other deities. You must be 18 years old to apply.