Anointed Fire™ Ministry is dedicated to winning souls back to Christ, helping ministries grow in excellence, sharpening our Christian brethren, sharing Christian advice and testimonies, and portraying the Almighty and Sovereign God as He is: holy, merciful, wonderful and true.  Our ministry’s fingerprint is love, restoration and excellence.


Anointed Fire™ Magazine focuses on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the world; all the while, giving more exposure to men and women of God who excel in the things of God.  Our magazine is a ministerial tool that allows us to evangelize outside of the four walls of a traditional building, enabling us to reach souls from all around the world.

Seal & Logo

Anointed Fire™ Seal and Logo Translations is the world’s number 1 provider for Bishop Seals, Apostle Seals, Church Crests and Ministry Logos.  With a store boasting of more than 1,000 Seal and Logo designs, we are the largest provider of Seals and Crests in the world.  In addition to our store featured designs, we offer custom design services starting as low as $199.  All of our designs are exclusive to the buyer only.

Design Services

As you browse our sites, you’ll notice that we don’t do anything small.  That’s because we don’t encourage small-minds; we challenge, inspire, and stretch them.  We believe that Kingdom branding is supposed to represent the Kingdom of God, and therefore, should represent Him in the beauty of excellence.  We offer web design, flyer design, magazine design, brochure design, business card design and much more.

Publishing/ Author Services

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and so is an anointing.  Our Christian book publishing services are professional, inexpensive and innovative.  We think outside the box when it comes to your book’s cover, interior design and distribution.  We offer book publishing, book cover design, book editing, ghost writing, writers coaching, video editing and much more.

Video Editing/ Media Services

We provide professional video and audio editing services for Christian ministries and authors.  Our videos are high definition, premium files designed to give our clients the impact they so desire; all the while, maintaining Hollywood style professionalism.  Our audio editing and transcription services are designed to provide our clients and their listeners with clear, audible audio files.  Our goal is to provide excellent products and services that supersede our clients’ expectations.

Photography Services

Anointed Fire™ Photography provides professional photography services for Tampa Bay residents and visitors.  We specialize in family photography, ministerial photography, glamor photography and much more.  Our sessions are on-location.  Nature is our favorite backdrop, but we also use professional backdrops for clients who want to clean background.  As Christian photographers, we choose to focus our lens on positive images, images that reflect our beliefs.  As such, we do not engage in risque photography.

More to Come

One of the facts about Anointed Fire™ that has made us popular with many, and not-so-popular with others, is our drive and determination to build.  In this day and age, it is very common for believers to find one talent they have, bury it (or play with it), and then deny it.  The select few who actually open up their gifts are placed on leashes (limitations) by other believers who are intimidated by their gifts.  But we don’t have those leashes, and we challenge every limited mindset that we encounter.  We are Kingdom workers who are sent to build for the Kingdom of God….without limits.  We don’t believe in picking a lane and staying in it.  Instead, we open up our faith, and as far as our faith can reach, that’s as far as we’ll go.  With that being said, Anointed Fire™ will continue to grow, taking on new challenges and embracing new heights in the realm of the earth.  The reason we intend to grow (if it’s God’s will) is because we want to help you grow, and we can’t lead you somewhere we haven’t already been.  So, stay on the lookout, because we keep breaking leashes and offending the enemy (and his imps).